December 10, 2020

My Anti-Galloway Holdings

My Anti-Galloway Holdings

Professor Galloway seems to be extraordinarily good at predicting the opposite outcomes for public companies (and many private as well), so I’m going to take the opposite bet for every single one of his future predictions.

To do this, I’m investing between $500 and $1000 anytime he shares an overvalued prediction.

I’m manually adding my holdings to the below Google Sheet and the sheet automatically updates with the most current stock price and does some math.

Check back in a year to see how this goes!


Bought 5 shares of $PLNT at $82.49 for a total of $412.45

Bought 6 shares of $SPG at $88.76 for a total of $532.56


Bought 3 shares of $DASH at $175.64 for a total of $526.92


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